Steve James Backstall

In 2011 Steve had accident, falling down when he was rock climbing a spinal injury but luckily he didn't became paralysed.

Section headingEdit

Marathon des Sables 243 km

The Devizes to Westminster canoe race

UK Tough Guy

Welsh 1000m peak marathon

Strictly come dancingEdit

9/27/2014 ‘Born to be wild’ 6 6 7 7 = 26

11/10/2014 ‘I Wan'na be Like You’

The DengineersEdit

11 year old Ben from Orpngtion meet Steve as Ben's favourite hobbies was about surival and bird watching. Steve taught how put up a hammock and a sheet of waterproof matreial over it. At the end Steve gave Ben set of binoculars which Steve wrote his signature in silver.


BAFTAs Children's Television Presenter, and Best Factual series.


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