List of Deadly 60 Episodes:

Series 3:

1. Indonesia
Animal encounters: Water buffalo, Draco lizardDead skull series 3, snake, spiders, frogs, scorpions, Tokay Gecko, Green pit viperDead skull series 3, Flying foxes, Whip spider and Komodo dragonsDead skull series 3.

2. Ethiopia
Animal encounters: Kites, HyenasDead skull series 3, African Fish Eagle, Marabou stork, Pied kingfishersDead skull series 3, Gelada baboonsDead skull series 3 and Ethiopian wolfDead skull series 3.

3. United Kingdom
Animal encounters: Pollack, flatfish, Conger eelsDead skull series 3, Four-spot chaser Dragonfly (Dragonfly) & nymphsDead skull series 3, Pond snail, water boatmen and KestrelDead skull series 3.

4. Alaska
Animal encounters: Humpback whalesDead skull series 3, Sea ottersDead skull series 3, Seagulls and Grizzly BearsDead skull series 3.

5. South Africa 1
Animal encounters: seal, Caped BuffaloDead skull series 3, Ground hornbill, Secretary birdDead skull series 3 and Great white SharksDead skull series 3.

6. Mexico 1
Animal encounters: Frigate birds, sardines, SailfishDead skull series 3, Nurse shark, Black grouper, Green Moray eelDead skull series 3, Catfish, Bats and Mexican night snakeDead skull series 3.

7. Australia 1
Animal encounters: Bearded dragon, Monitor lizard, Wedge-tailed eagle, Brown snake, Fierce snakeDead skull series 3, Tasmanian devilsDead skull series 3 and Blue ringed octopusDead skull series 3.

8.New Zealand
Animal encounters: Water spider, Fungus gnat larvaeDead skull series 3, KeaDead skull series 3 and Sperm WhaleDead skull series 3.

9. South Africa 2
Animal encounters: CheetahDead skull series 3, Cowned eaglesDead skull series 3, (Female) Ravine spider, Giraffe, Flat-rock scorpion, Colubrid, Viper, Cobra, Boomslang, Mozambique spitting cobra and Puff adderDead skull series 3

10.Australia 2
Animal encounters: (Eggs)Saltwater crocodile Dead skull series 3, Box jellyfishDead skull series 3, Shrimp, Tiger snakes and CopperheadDead skull series 3.

11. South America 1
Animal encounters: Spectacled caiman, Electric eels Dead skull series 3, Black piranhaDead skull series 3 and Maned wolvesDead skull series 3

12. Nepal
Animal encounters: Gharials, Asian Elephants, One-horned RhinosDead skull series 3, Porcupine, Sloth bear, Civet, Bengal TigerDead skull series 3, Giant honey beeDead skull series 3, White-ruffed Vulture, Vultures and Egyptian VultureDead skull series 3.

13. Mexico 2 Animal encounters: Morelet's crocodilesDead skull series 3, Remoras, Loggerhead turtle, Bull sharksDead skull series 3 and Bat swarmDead skull series 3(including Davy's naked-backed bats, Hariry-legged myotis bats, Ghost-faced bats, Common moustached bats and Mexican free-tailed bats)

14. Venezuela 

Animal encounters: Capybaras, Giant Anteater, Green AnacondasDead skull series 3, Cockroaches, Vampire bats(dung), Scorpions, Scutigera and Giant scolopendraDead skull series 3.

15. South America 2

Animal encounters: Spectacled Caiman, Orinoco crocodileDead skull series 3, Wolf fishDead skull series 3, Communal spiders, Sheildbug, Opossum, Brazilian red rump tarantula and JaguarDead skull series 3.

16. Sri Lanka 1

Animal encounters: Spinner dolphins, Asian elephantsDead skull series 3, Russel's viperDead skull series 3, Indian rock pythonDead skull series 3 and Blue whalesDead skull series 3.

17. Sri Lanka 2

Animal encounters: Mugger crocodileDead skull series 3, Common rat snake, Hooked-nosed sea snakeDead skull series 3, Spotted deer, Water buffalo, Peafowl and LeopardsDead skull series 3.

18. Southern States

Animal encounters: AlligatorsDead skull series 3,  Gar, Fire antsDead skull series 3 and BobcatsDead skull series 3

Plant encounters: Pitcher plant, Sundews and Venus flytrapsDead skull series 3

19. Florida

Animal encounters: Cottonmouth, Catfish, Terrapin, AmphiumaDead skull series 3, Racer, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakeDead skull series 3 and Bottlenose dolphins.

20. Unseen

Featured Animals: Venezuela;Giant scolopendra, New Zealand;New Zealand fur seals, shark, Indonesia; Komodo dragon Australia; Salt water crocodile, Argentina; Crossed lancehead, and Florida; Tarpon Steve's favorite moments Dead skull series 1 Hammerhead shark, Orca Dead skull series 3Blue whale.

21. Killer Shots >Featured Animals:Great white Sharks, Chameleon, Salmon, Brown bear, Boomslang snake, Kingfisher, Cheetah, Puff adder, Orb-weaver spiders, Coral, Sundews, Sunflower starfish, Black caiman, Rattlesnake, Dead leaf mantis, Vultures and Goshawk.

22. Parasites Featured Animals: Zombie snail parasite, Leech, Vampire bat, Fleas:Bubonic Plague, Reduviid bugs, Cuckoo:Kleptoparasitism, Parasitic botfly, Tarantula hawk wasp, Bullet ants, Cordyceps, Tapeworm and Mosquito:Malaria

23. Super Powers

24. Neighbours Moose(young male) 

Featured Animals: Elk, Black bears, Brown bears,

25. Self Defence

26. Endangered

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