Series 2:

1. Mexico
Animal encounters: Humboldt SquidDead skull series 2, Tarantula, Tarantula hawk waspDead skull series 2, Mole lizards, Scorpions, Cape water Snake, Red Diamond rattlesnake, Baja rattlesnake, Speckled rattlesnake (Rattlesnakes AllDead skull series 2

2. British Columbia
Animal encounters: Wolf EelDead skull series 2, OrcaDead skull series 2, Chimaera, King crab and Giant pacific OctopusDead skull series 2

3. British Columbia II
Animal encounters: Steller sea lionDead skull series 2, Orca, SkunkDead skull series 2, RacoonsDead skull series 2 and Black bear.

4. Costa Rica
Animal encounters: Fer De Lance, American CrocodileDead skull series 2, White-faced capuchin, Smoky jungle frog, Red-eyed tree frog, Tapir, JaguarDead skull series 2 Did not encounter)

5. Costa Rica II
Animal encounters: Boa constrictor, Eyelash pit viperDead skull series 2 Bushmaster, Poison dart frogDead skull series 2,  cows and Vampire batsDead skull series 2.

6. Panama
Animal encounters: Glossy racer snakeDead skull series 2, Masked hunter, Tarantula(baby), Bullet antsDead skull series 2 and Harpy eagleDead skull series 2.

7. Mozambique
Animal encounters: Plankton, Whale sharkDead skull series 2, SolifugaeDead skull series 2, Dolphins, Potato grouper and Crown of thorns starfishDead skull series 2.

8. South Africa
Animal encounters: Blacktip sharksDead skull series 2, African killer beesDead skull series 2, Ragged tooth sharkDead skull series 2, Dassie and Black eagles Dead skull series 2.

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