Series 2:

1. Mexico
Animal encounters: Humboldt squidDead skull series 2, Tarantula, Tarantula hawk waspDead skull series 2, Mole lizards, Scorpions, Cape water snake, Coachwhip, Red diamond rattlesnake, Baja rattlesnake and Speckled rattlesnake (RattlesnakeDead skull series 2).

2. British Columbia
Animal encounters: Wolf eelDead skull series 2, OrcaDead skull series 2, Chimaera, King crab and Giant pacific octopusDead skull series 2.

3. British Columbia II
Animal encounters: Steller sea lionDead skull series 2, Orca, SkunkDead skull series 2, RacoonsDead skull series 2 and Black bear.

4. Costa Rica
Animal encounters: Fer de lance, American crocodileDead skull series 2, White-faced capuchin, Smoky jungle frog, Red-eyed tree frog, Tapir and JaguarDead skull series 2(Did not encounter).

5. Costa Rica II
Animal encounters: Boa constrictor, Eyelash pit viperDead skull series 2, Bushmaster, Poison dart frogDead skull series 2, Cows and Vampire batsDead skull series 2.

6. Panama
Animal encounters: Glossy racer snakeDead skull series 2, Masked hunter, Tarantula(baby), Bullet antsDead skull series 2 and Harpy eagleDead skull series 2.

7. Mozambique
Animal encounters: Plankton, Whale sharkDead skull series 2, Humpback whale, SolifugaeDead skull series 2, Torpedo scad, Dolphins, Potato grouper and Crown of thorns starfishDead skull series 2.

8. South Africa
Animal encounters: Blacktip sharksDead skull series 2, African killer beesDead skull series 2, Ragged tooth sharkDead skull series 2, Dassie and Black eagles Dead skull series 2.

9. Namibia
Animal encounters: Spoor spiderDead skull series 2, Cricket, Fogstand beetle, Desert scorpion, Moths, Web-footed gecko, Shovel-snouted lizard, SidewinderDead skull series 2 and VulturesDead skull series 2.

10. Namibia II
Animal encounters: Mantis, Porcupine, Warthog, LeopardDead skull series 2, Long horned beetle and LionDead skull series 2.

11. Madagascar
Animal encounters: FossaDead skull series 2, Brown lemur, Sifaka lemur, ChameleonDead skull series 2, Giraffe-necked weevil, Indri lemur, Scuttling spider, Leaf tailed geckoDead skull series 2 and Aye-ayeDead skull series 2.

12. Uganda
Animal encounters: Giant earthworm, GorillaDead skull series 2, Longhorn cattle, BaboonDead skull series 2 and ChimpanzeeDead skull series 2.

13. Thailand
Animal encounters: Burmese python, Monocled cobra, King cobraDead skull series 2, (Clouded leopardDead skull series 2 VS Fishing cat) and Tokay geckoDead skull series 2.

14. Philippines
Animal encounters: Water monitorDead skull series 2, Bats, Cave cricket, Tarantula, Whip-spiderDead skull series 2, PangolinDead skull series 2 and Mangrove cat-snakeDead skull series 2.

15. Philippines II
Animal encounters: Cleaner wrasse, Jellyfish, Devil ray, Thresher sharkDead skull series 2, Yellow-lipped sea kraitDead skull series 2, Stork-billed kingfisher, Mudskippers, Cane toad, Millipede and TarsierDead skull series 2.

16. Norway, UK, Romania
Animal encounters: Alaskan husky, Rottweiler rescue dog, German shepherd police dog, Brown bear and WolvesDead skull series 2.

17. Norway II
Animal encounters: Deer(dead), Arctic FoxDead skull series 2, Musk OxDead skull series 2 and LynxDead skull series 2.

18. United Kingdom
Animal encounters: Carp, Perch, PikeDead skull series 2, Tawny eagle, Seagulls, White-tailed sea eagleDead skull series 2, Crab spiderDead skull series 2 and Orb spiderDead skull series 2.

19. Argentina
Animal encounters: Horses, Capybara, Spectacled caimanDead skull series 2, Foxes, PiranhaDead skull series 2, Spectacled caiman(baby) and Yellow anacondaDead skull series 2.

20. Peru
Animal encounters: Giant ottersDead skull series 2, Freshwater turtles, Moths, Black caimanDead skull series 2, Golden tegu, Poison dart frog and Yellow-tailed criboDead skull series 2.

21. The Making of
Featured animals: Spotted dolphin

22. Tracks and Signs
Featured animals:

23. Inside Deadly 60
Featured animals:

24. Venom
Featured animals: Giant Indian scorpion, Transvaal fat-tailed scorpion, Deathstalker, Western diamondback rattlesnake, King cobra, Bird-eating spider, Tarantula hawk wasp, Bullet ant and Nubian spitting cobra.

25. Unseen
Featured animals: Namibia; White lady spider, Armoured ground cricket, African hunting dog, Milipede, Scorpion, Uganda; Vervet monkey, Philippines; Stork-billed kingfisher, Devil ray, Hermit crab, Shame faced crab, Mexico; Velvet ant, Scolopendra centipede and Costa Rica & Panama; Fishing bat, Earthworm, Leaf cutter ant.

26. Endangered Special
Featured animals: Harpy eagle, Aye-aye, Madame Berthe's mouse lemur, Chimpanzee and Mountain gorilla.