List of Deadly 60 Episodes:

Series 1:

1. South Africa-Part 1

2. South Africa-Part 2

3. South Africa-Part 3

4. Australia-Part 1

5. Australia-Part 2

6. Australia-Part 3
Animal encounters: Tuna Dead skull series 1, Trapdoor spider, Duck-billed platypus Dead skull series 1(Didn't encounter), Jumping jack ant Dead skull series 1 and Giant cuttlefishDead skull series 1.

7. Australia-Part 4
Animal encounters: Saltwater crocodile Dead skull series 1, Termites and Ghost batsDead skull series 1.

8. India-Part 1
Animal encounters: King cobra, Saw-scale viperDead skull series 1, Sloth bearDead skull series 1 and Preying mantisDead skull series 1.

9. India-Part 2
Animal encounters: GharialDead skull series 1, Asian elephant and Bengal tigersDead skull series 1.

10. Malaysia-Part 1
Animal encounters: Orangutan,Tiger leeches, Swiftes, Wrinkle-lipped batsDead skull series 1, Cockroaches, Scutigera Dead skull series 1, Mangrove cat and Reticulated python Dead skull series 1.

11. Malaysia-Part 2 
Animal encounters: Scorpionfish, Crocodilefish, Frogfishes, LionfishDead skull series 1, Green turtle, Bumphead parrotfish, Batfish, Mantis shrimpDead skull series 1, Bigeye trevally, Whitetip reef shark, Dogtooth tuna, Giant trevally and BarracudaDead skull series 1.

12. United Kingdom-Part 1
Animal encounters: Dolphins, GannetsDead skull series 1, Sand lizard, Slow worms, Smooth snake, Grass snake, AdderDead skull series 1, HornetsDead skull series 1 and GoshawkDead skull series 1.

13. United Kingdom-Part 2
Animal encounters: Seals, OtterDead skull series 1.

14. Alaska
Animal encounters: Snowy owl, Artic fox, Polar bearDead skull series 1, WolverineDead skull series 1 Salmon, Trumepter swans and Brown bearDead skull series 1.

15. Arizona
Animal encounters: Great horned owl, Harris hawksDead skull series 1, Mountain lionDead skull series 1(Didn't encounter), Gila monsterDead skull series 1, Desert tortoise and Tiger rattlesnakeDead skull series 1.

16. Louisiana 
Animal encounters:Herons, Egerts, Drum, Alligator garDead skull series 1, Fire ants, CottonmouthDead skull series 1, Rafe spider, Armadillo, White Alligator and Alligator snapping turtlesDead skull series 1.

17. Bahamas-Shark Special
Animal encounters:Caribbean reef sharksDead skull series 1, Lemon sharks Dead skull series 1, Remoras and Tiger sharks Dead skull series 1.

18. Brazil-Part 1 
Animal encounters: Ibis, Storks, Egerts, Giant anteaterDead skull series 1, Turtle, Tarantula(baby), Parrot snake, Dragonfly, Moth caterpillar, Cicada, Wandering spider, Click beetle, Black forest scorpion, Hoatzin, Potoo, Caracaras and Burrowing owlsDead skull series 1.

19. Brazil-Part 2
Animal encounters: Arapaimas, Fe der lance Dead skull series 1, Pine processionary(caterpillars), Parasitic wasp(eggs), Piranhas including Red-bellied, Giant candiruDead skull series 1, Spectacled caiman(baby), Amazon tree boa, Pink river dolphinsDead skull series 1.

20. Brazil-Part 3
Animal encounters: Whip spider, Tarantula, Caiman(baby), Butterfly, Bush cricket, Goliath bird eating spiderDead skull series 1, Long-nosed bat, Freshwater crab, Leaf-nosed bat, Tree frogs and Army antsDead skull series 1.

21. Killers
Featured animals: Hippo, Saltwater crocodile, Redback, Rinkhals, Tiger snake, Rattlesnake, Reticulated python, Adder, Saw-scale viper, Fat-tail scorpion, Polar bear, Grizzly bear, Reef sharks, Lemon sharks, Tiger shark and Tigers.

22. Weapons
Featured animals: Great white shark, Ghost bats, Alligator snapping turtle, Preying mantis, Mantis shrimp, Scutigera, Rinkhals, Tuna and Peregrine falcon.

23. Unseen
Featured animals: Golden orb spider, Scolopendra, Wagler's pit viper, Kingfisher, Lionfish, Mantis shrimp, Frogfish, Crocodilefish, White eye moray eels, Gaboon viper, Wild tortoise, Kite spider, Puff adder(baby), Whip spider, Alligator snapping turtle, Harris hawk, Wolverine and Grey wolf.

24. Behind the Scenes
Featured animals: Hippo, Bold eagle,Mountain lion (Didn't encounter), Bengal tiger, Asian elephants, Swiftes, Wrinkle-lipped bats, Cockroaches and Great horned owl.

25. Making Of South America And Alaska

26. Endangered