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Series 2=Edit

Bites clean through the SKULL: With the most powerful bite of all cats,
DEADLY camouflage : the jaguar is a sleek camouflage ambush predator,
Lethal SPEED: hunting silent stealth then a lightning pounce,

The jaguar has booked a place the Deadly 60.

Section heading=Edit

Silent ambush predator: This stunning night stalker silently steals up on prey,
Strong stocky build overpowers prey: with a stocky, sturdy body, it overpowers animals as large as tapir,,
Pierces skulls with deadly bite: and delivers a killer blow clear through a skull,

The ever-elusive Jaguar remains undoubtedly "Deadly".

Pole to pole=Edit

S3 DR jaguar
CRYPTIC CAMOUFLAGE: With their camouflage coat,
SILENT STALKERS: their ambush attack,
POWERFUL JAWS: and skull piercing bite, Jaguars are the Pantanal's most perfect predator.